Best eCommerce Landing Pages That Convert in 2020

In A Hurry?

  • eCommerce businesses should use landing pages instead of shopping cart software pages.
  • eCom landing pages should be lightning-fast.
  • Cart Abandonment is when a prospect adds your product to the shopping cart and goes to check out, but never finishes the process.
  • You can track cart abandonment and retarget ads to reel them back in to buy.

Selling products online makes many businesses millions or billions of dollars per year.

In competitive marketplaces like clothing, shoes, or electronics you face additional hurdles when competing with behemoths like Amazon and Walmart.

It is important to glean as much information as possible from what works for a company like Amazon and use it on your own business.

In actuality, Amazon has just created a way to give each product on its platform its own landing page.

Each page has ratings, reviews, product photos and videos, and specs.

So what do you need to get started racking in money with eCommerce?  

A landing page tool like Unbounce and a good eCommerce template.

Why Use Landing Pages for eCommerce?

Using a landing page for eCommerce allows you to utilize the same tools that lead generation and AdWords marketers use to optimize their conversions.

The worst thing that could happen is when a prospect adds a product to their shopping cart but leaves the website.

This is called an “abandoned cart” or “cart abandonment” rate.

This is when you would look to your retargeting pixel to get them back on a landing page at another time.

When you use an effective landing page to entice your buyer, you spend more time with them communicating benefits and overcoming objection on the landing page.

Most shopping cart stores are not equipped to give you the publisher the right look and feel in the shopping cart application, so you want to use a landing page tool instead.

Huge eCommerce stores are good at optimizing their landing pages for products before scaling up any ad spend.

eCommerce Shopping Carts vs. Landing Pages

A good eCommerce landing page is one that greets the visitor as soon as they land.

No matter how they got there, whether it was paid ad or organic search, the landing page “above the fold” is where you land first, so it must be optimized right off the bat.

Your landing pages need to reel them in and hit them so hard on an emotional pain point that they get their credit cards out and start typing numbers.

Boom!  Another conversion.

Now the tracking begins.

The shopping cart software today does not have the advanced features of A/B testing and Multivariate testing you need to optimize conversions.

This is why you should stick to using landing page tools instead of the shopping cart software.

eCom Landing Page Tips

There are five main things that all eCom landing pages must have if they will be successful in 2020.

In order to increase conversions, keep these things in mind:

Photos of the products

This is obvious for eCom stores but you would be surprised how much low-quality photos can sell a hotly needed item. 

Don’t go overboard in your production but do have the best quality you can afford.

Strong copywriting 

Writing a good headline is 20% of the work but will result in 80% of the sales.

You must reach your prospect on an emotional level and get them to buy.

Social Proof

Having testimonials and customer proof is important to have on your sales page.

This psychological factor cannot be ignored.

A CTA (Call To Action)

The call to action should be repeated at the top of the page above the fold, and at the end of the page but above the footer.

There is no set of rules when it comes to the length of your copy, but the call to action must be simple and compelling.

Usually, a button size, shape, and color are tested using A/B testing software, often found in landing page tools like Unbounce or Instapage.

Make It Sticky

There is a stickiness factor to all good products, especially those you sell from an eCommerce site or through drop shipping.

If you embed the core idea into your prospect’s mind, you can use retargeting ads to capture them when they are ready to buy.

A prospect needs to be exposed to your product an average of seven times before buying, so your work is cut out for you.

Top 5 eCommerce Landing Page Templates for 2020

  1. Black Friday Landing Pages with Page Builder by bloxthemes

black friday landing pages

Price: $18

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: Blox Page Builder

Best for Black Friday, Product Sales

Highlights: 43 Content Boxes, 20 Website Headers, 21 Pricing Tables, 20 Simple Sliders

Bottom Line: Black Friday is a good, responsive set of landing pages for making a sale on Black Friday or any day of the week.  This set is good for flash deals.

2. Unbounce Product landing Page Template – Proland by surjithctly

unbounce landing page

Price: $24

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: Unbounce

Best for Product Landing Page, Wearables, Smart Tech

Highlights: Includes templates for crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, mobile responsive design is updated often and has good support. 

Bottom Line:  Proland is the perfect Unbounce Product Landing Page Template if you are using PayPal, Mailchimp, or for email lead generation.

3. Crown – Multi-Purpose Unbounce Template by Morad

crown landing page

Price: $24

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: Unbounce

Best for Events, Real Estate, Education, Medical, Wedding, Barber

Highlights: WordPress version, HTML 5, Over 25 Navigational Layouts

Bottom Line:  Super support from a dedicated staff.  One of the most purchased Unbounce templates on Themeforest.  You can’t go wrong if you are already using Unbounce.

4. LeadGen One Page HTML Template by ThemeZaa

lead gen landing page

Price: $15

Where to buy: One Page Love (link)

Landing Page Tool: HTML

Best for Mobile App, Software, Startup

Highlights: 30 pre-made demo websites, covers nearly every industry.

Bottom Line:  ThemeZaa is a really experienced landing page developer with a keen eye on native mobile design.  At this price point, you can’t go wrong.

5. Plume One Page HTML Template by Graphicfort

b2b lead gen landing page

Price: $17

Where to buy: One Page Love (link)

Landing Page Tool: HTML

Best for eCom, Shopify, Gumroad, Twitter, Instagram feeds

Highlights: 400+ UI Elements, 49 Pre-designed demos, Bootstrap framework

Bottom Line:  This is a huge value for $17.  This template package is great for eCom sites looking to gain an edge on their competition.