Best Affiliate Marketing Platform for E-Commerce brands

If you run an eCommerce business, chances are that you want an increase in your profits with time. Your visit to this blog also means you have heard about affiliate marketing and its impact on creating success stories. However, you might not understand what there is to know about Affiliate Marketing Platform for E-commerce Brands, especially technical aspects. You need this knowledge and the best affiliate marketing platform to consider to get positive results for your eCommerce brand. So, let’s dive into the A-Z of Affiliate Marketing Platform for E-commerce Brands and how they get you positive results.

What Are Affiliate Marketing Platform For E-commerce Brands?

Affiliate marketing is a popular marketing channel that uses a referral system to increase a company’s overall income. It works by promoting certain products across different brands and earning a commission on every successful sale made from each referral. The system is pretty different for eCommerce brands since you are trying to promote your business, increasing your visitors and sales. Affiliate marketing for your e-commerce brand entails getting platforms that connect you with publishers who promote your business for commissions. Let us check out the qualities of Affiliate Marketing Platform for E-commerce Brands that you should note while selecting one.

Qualities Of Affiliate Marketing Platform For E-commerce Brands

Great User Interface

Platform ease of navigation is essential when considering an affiliate marketing platform for your business. Increased user interface complexity will reduce your interest in the platform, preventing you from enjoying the in-built features. A good user interface lets you use all the platform’s features seamlessly without any issues.

Consistent Account Security

You must keep your information protected, and a good affiliate platform for e-commerce brands must prioritize your information security. It helps you protect your data and implement fraud detection with every sign of suspicious behavior on your program. It’s a great way to keep your business safe, so do not ignore it when selecting from the list.

Efficient Ecommerce Integrations

Integrations are also essential since you won’t want to hit a block when linking platforms to your website. Your choice of affiliate marketing platform should not just offer basics but provide some extra features for effective use. Expansion tends to be easier depending on the integration support features you get from your chosen platform.

Responsive Customer Support

The customer support of the affiliate platform you choose should also be responsive to your requests once you contact them. Unexpected issues can arise anytime, and delays will affect your business, so you need efficient customer support. Responsive customer support helps you resolve your issues faster and inform you about any improvements you should note.

Accurate Data Metrics

Your metrics also determine your success rate and help you know your improvements compared to your competitors. Preparing a new strategy depends on your metrics; the subsequent strategy only works with a highly accurate metric analysis. Picking a platform that satisfies this claim helps put you and your business on the right track for better results.


One of the Affiliate Marketing Platforms for Ecommerce Brands to consider is Refersion, with its unlimited onboarding feature for affiliates by brands. It offers multiple integrations to websites such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and partners that you might have skipped when listing them. It’s one platform with various subdivisions and industries to streamline your experience with pricing starting from $99.


Shopify Affiliate Plugin
$ 99
Monthly or Annual
  • Shopify Integration
  • 50+ Monthly Orders
  • Easy Onboarding

Share A Sale

Here is an affiliate marketing platform that offers divisions with a simple interface for everyone to navigate. It provides sections for brands, agencies, and affiliates interested in partnering with their favorite brands to earn commissions. ShareASale services are made to match businesses of all sizes, so you shouldn’t worry about being a startup or a huge business.

There is a $625 one time setup fee, but this is worth it for you to reach new affiliate partners. Share A Sale has a large network, second to CJ and Impact Radius.

Share A Sale

Best Starter Network
$ 35+ Monthly
  • Great Affiliate Network
  • Lower Setup Fee
  • Attribution Paths

CJ / Commission Junction

Your brand can enjoy seamless service to improve businesses and connect with all your affiliates in one place. It improves as you get more business marketing tips with the CJ blog and resources guiding you through the platform.

A lot of CJ affiliates are on Share A Sale, but depending on your products niche you may find one works better than the other.


Medium Network
% 1-10 Per Sale
  • Great Attribution
  • Large Network
  • Solid Support


Prioritizing your comfort is Rakuten’s easy-to-use interface and custom packages to suit your affiliate marketing tastes. They take their services further to help you get the most out of affiliate marketing. Trying out their social strategy to aid your campaigns also helps your funnel and the effectiveness of your affiliates.


Lots Of Features
% 1-10 Per Sale
  • Great For Coupons
  • Highly Promotional
  • Great Support
#1 For Pro's

Maximizing Your Affiliate Programs for Ecom

Research Your Competitors

Nothing helps you narrow down your business path like researching your competitors; you should remember that at every checkpoint. Researching your competitors lets you know what works in your industry and what market trends they are riding to succeed. You also get to know how to outshine them and what strategy increases your win margin as you research.

Organize Your Commission Plan

Planning out your strategy for giving commission is also essential to maximize the benefits you enjoy from these platforms. It helps you stick to your budget while hooking affiliates with the best deal they can find in your industry. You also get to note the pricing costs for your affiliate marketing platform and how to get it from your profits.

Note Your KPIs And Objectives

Its objectives are also essential to know what you plan to achieve after implementing the affiliate marketing program. Knowing your end goal, like traffic rate and revenue increase, lets you understand what affiliates you need. It also lets you mark out the commissions to match that rate without breaking the bank and spending too much.

Observe Your Customer Retention Metrics

Customer retention is also essential to improve your business since you want loyal customers for your ecommerce brand. Your successful competitors are implementing strategies that give them more revenue and retain customers, and you can do that too. Prioritizing your task to observe your competitors will serve you to get better results with affiliate marketing platforms for ecommerce brands.

Should You Consider Affiliate Marketing Platforms For Ecommerce Brands?

The road to increasing revenue should include affiliate marketing in your strategy, and it doesn’t only serve influencers and bloggers. Your ecommerce brand can benefit from affiliate platforms by integrating your business into one and working with publishers worldwide.

It’s a strategy that your competitors are doing, bringing passive income for your business that brings actual results. Implementing affiliate platforms gets better since you only pay the commissions once the requirements are met and the sale is completed. So push your business success further and try out the platforms above to see which matches your business needs.

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