What are the best email marketing tools? 

We will talk about what is an email marketing tool and how they can help grow your business.

In A Hurry?

  • Email marketing tools make it much easier to utilize the #1 marketing channel in 2020 – email marketing.
  • Not using email marketing in your business strategy means you are missing out on huge opportunities.
  • In two years, over 4 billion users will be on email, more than social media. 
  • A majority of Internet users worldwide use email.  

Everyone outside of tight marketing circles says “email is dead” and points to chatbots, Facebook messenger, and Instagram DMs, but the true long game in online business is with email marketing.

When used correctly, email marketing can power your business through recessions and provide you an instant ATM for your business when sending emails.

What Is Email Marketing?

The term “email marketing” means collecting a potential customer’s email address and sending them sales emails through a funnel that warms them up and gets them ready to spend.

You can also send an email after the initial sale is made to get more sales.

This would be called an “email automation” sequence.

If you are running a real business then using email is the most effective way to emotionally reach people who have raised their hand and expressed interest in your product or service.

It really can’t be beaten.

Email marketing is crucial for driving new customer acquisition and customer retention.

Studies have shown that email marketing is still a more cost-effective marketing channel than organic search and social media.

What Are Email Marketing Tools?

Did you know that 34% of the world’s population, making up around 2.5 billion people, use email today?

The use of email is set to increase at around 2.8 billion in the next two years, with new users coming online and email being a superfluous method of communication in schools today.

Email marketing tools allow you to use this channel without expending resources or building your own systems to send, and more importantly, deliver emails.

Most email marketing companies make it easier to use the software as a service model (SaaS) to put all of your email contacts in the cloud and use their service for delivering emails and segmenting your email list for various preferences.

Sign up for one of these services and they make it easy for you to capture someone’s email address and put them into your sales funnel.

This is usually done with integrated two or more email marketing services.

Because email metrics are highly trackable, there are many email analytics features that email marketing tools provide.

A good email marketing automation tool will give you a dashboard to see how your emails are performing.

Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

Email is a personalized way to communicate with your prospects and customers.

It can also be tailored to your customer actions or to get feedback from them.

Half of the world will be using email in the next two years, so email marketing is as alive as ever!

Email marketing is way more effective than social media campaigns and this will only increase in the coming years.

It is economic, green energy-efficient, and generates the highest ROI out of all marketing channels.

Email marketing lets you build relationships with leads, prospects, customers, and former customers so you can look them in the eye directly in their inbox.

When you are friendly, personable, and provide real value, the bond is strong.

When you email your customers transactional emails, they have an 8x more open and click-through rates than other types of email.

These transactional emails also generate 6x more revenue, so they are something you want to focus on.

Even with the explosion of other forms of communications, especially with the smartphone, it is proven year after year that email is by far a better marketing investment than direct mail, TV, newspaper, and all non-email Internet.

For every $1 spent on email, it yields a $40 return.

Growing and nurturing an email list is crucial for your business, especially those online marketers who want to survive the next decade.

Best Email Marketing Tools For 2020

Web conversion and email marketing tools for eCommerce sites.  Privy lets you send the right message to someone at the right time, and has customizable display triggers and many audience targeting rules.

email marketing tools

Email marketing auto-responder, social media ad manager, and customer relationship manager.  You can also build your website with Mailchimp or work as an agency with multiple sub-accounts you manage for clients.

email marketing tools

Free email capture tool from internet marketing guru Neil Patel.  With a paid plan you get unlimited popups, subscribers, and A/B tests. 

hellobar email marketing

A growth marketing platform designed for online businesses.  Advanced marketers can dynamically transfer data to and from Facebook and Instagram to create more experiences to build stronger relationships.

klaviyo email marketing

OptinMonster is the most powerful lead gen platform for agencies, bloggers and vloggers, eCom sites, and small businesses.

If you want the golden trifecta of email marketing:

  1. Grow your email list
  2. improve your conversions
  3. reduce cart abandonment

Then OptinMonster will help you do it.

optinmonster email marketing

Create personalized forms, popups, surveys and landing pages, all without any knowledge of coding or a highly paid web developer.

Convertflow gives you powerful visitor segment targeting, contact segment targeting, and site placement targeting.

These features alone give it a distinct advantage over other marketing tools.

convertflow email marketing

Best Email Marketing Tools Conclusion

Those that say that email marketing is dead are very wrong. 

Email is expected to grow in usage in the next decade.  

The investment in email marketing platforms will rise over the coming years as traditional brink and mortar businesses come online.