I help DTC Operators Select The Right Tech Stack

Scott McLeod

I‘ve spent years growing teams and e-commerce brands from product market fit and $0 in revenue to brands generating billions annually. I want to save you the time and money I spent trying every vendor for every business problem. 

I’ve spent the last 10 years as a digital marketer, product manager, data analyst and founder. My most recent business Resident, launched and grew Nectar Sleep one of the largest omni-channel retailers in America. From that experience I’ve been investing and advising in direct to consumer startups with my Angel List Syndicate.

Choosing the best marketing tools/apps/services can directly affect the success of your business; whether saving money or helping you grow. I leverage all my direct experience at every stage of growing an omni channel brand to recommend the best tools/apps for every stage of your business. Your worst fear is signing a long-term contract for a tool that doesn’t meet your specific requirements. 

Why Real Reviews Matter When Selecting Marketing Tools

Online reviews are a hotly debated topic. Many in the marketing industry are familiar with cookie-cutter, standardized reviews that don’t shed any light on how the tool works behind the scenes. Most reviews are from inexperienced marketers, or worse, sponsored reviews from stake-holding parties. Your challenge is to wade through hundreds or thousands of reviews to decide if the tool will work for you. We started the Marketing Tool Review Site to be your go-to resource for real reviews from real marketers, which will save you time, money, and headaches.

Whats My Product Review Process

We base our reviews on real-world testing. We strive for data-driven, actionable reviews that remove the subjectivity and vagueness for you. Our team has decades of collective online marketing experience. Our mission is to remove the complexity of marketing tool jargon and buzzwords to provide impartial advice and actionable recommendations. Some services compensate us for sending them leads, but in no way does this reflect our rankings or reviews.  Our first featured tool categories are for the top 5 best e-mail lead capture tools and top 5 best landing page builders.

I've started, invested and grew some of the top consumer brands.

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