About Winner Stack Team & Process

Why We Started

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have many options when choosing your marketing tools. Your worst fear is signing a long-term contract for a tool that doesn’t meet your specific requirements. These decisions can be time-consuming and expensive. We launched the Marketing Tool Review Site to help you decide which marketing tools will work, and more importantly, won’t work for your specific requirements.

Why Real Reviews Matter

Online reviews are a hotly debated topic. Many in the marketing industry are familiar with cookie-cutter, standardized reviews that don’t shed any light on how the tool works behind the scenes. Most reviews are from inexperienced marketers, or worse, sponsored reviews from stake-holding parties. Your challenge is to wade through hundreds or thousands of reviews to decide if the tool will work for you. We started the Marketing Tool Review Site to be your go-to resource for real reviews from real marketers, which will save you time, money, and headaches.

How We Review Tools & Services

We base our reviews on real-world testing. We strive for data-driven, actionable reviews that remove the subjectivity and vagueness for you. Our team has decades of collective online marketing experience. Our mission is to remove the complexity of marketing tool jargon and buzzwords to provide impartial advice and actionable recommendations. Some services compensate us for sending them leads, but in no way does this reflect our rankings or reviews.

Our Contributors

Scott McLeod

Entrepreneur and digital product and marketing leader, with deep expertise in E-Commerce and SaaS businesses. Scott has helped early stage startups and corporations acquire customers with more efficiency.

Claire Bevan

Director Of Marketing at Emissary a B2B Sales Enablement Platform. With a background in sales she’s a weapon when it comes to enterprise marketing, sales enablement, abm and SaaS marketing. 

Fei Wang

Growth marketer and entrepreneur with a deep background in product, engineering and marketing. Previously at Google, Neo Innovation and currently at Resident leading special project growth work. 

Mark Patchett

Founder of Growth Shop world renowned performance agency working with ecommerce and consumer businesses at scale. Also a Growth Marketing Mentor for GrowthMentor working with leading entrepreneurs and marketers around the world on scaling their business.