Best B2B Lead Gen Landing Page Templates in 2020

In A Hurry?

  • First impressions to a prospect are like a handshake, use a firm grip, and make eye contact.
  • Lead generation landing pages should have only one call to action (CTA)
  • Using a landing page template will save you time
  • Choosing the right landing page tool like Unbounce will speed up time to market

As a marketer, your main goal is to convert visitors to customers.

For the average B2B company, building landing pages that convert is in their top priorities.

Their products and services are the lifeblood of any small business.

A landing page with a clean design and a compelling call to action can make or break your marketing efforts.

Using landing page templates that have tested for high conversion rates makes this evaluation process much more manageable.

Each of these pages displays a theme of best practices and effective use of psychology.

Start with one of these landing page templates and increase your ROI almost immediately.

The B2B Lead Gen First Handshake

A lead generation web page for a business is a lot like the first initial handshake.

You want a warm tone, a firm handshake, and you want to look at your prospect in the eyes so they can trust you.

These lead gen pages do not need to tell your story or even make the sale.

They need to present timely information to hook your prospect, so they want to learn more.

Every useful B2B lead gen landing page should do these three things:

  1. Block the exit – minimize or eliminate links away from the page.
  2. Take baby steps – To warm your prospect up, only ask for information in small steps, like an email address to start, then as they progress down your sales funnel, you can ask for more details (like title or company name).
  3. Craft your headline to your prospect avatar – Do not list endless benefits of your product or service, instead use the landing page headline to state the MOST critical interest.

When you combine these engagement hacks, you get a lead gen landing page that is tailored to your prospects and shows you appreciate their time.

Why Use Landing Page Templates?

Landing page tools make it easy to set up your lead gen page and test different versions to optimize conversions.

These tools are specifically designed to take cold traffic, from ad campaigns like AdWords or social media, and convert them to prospects in your sales funnel.

The beauty of using landing page tools is that they give you all of the functionality you need to change headlines, images, and CTA’s so that you match your customer persona.

Building these pages with website platforms like WordPress can be time-consuming and involve a web developer.

You can skip the web coding and choose from a library of templates using a platform like Unbounce.

There are hundreds to choose from in a variety of industries and niches.

Using a Landing Page Tool

Most lead gen professionals use landing page tools because of the rich features and easy-to-use design interfaces.

These tools make the setup and publishing of the lead gen landing page a near-seamless experience.

Our two favorite landing page tools are Unbounce and Instapage.

Many in this category have less fancy design and cost less. Still, these are the two we have evaluated that are easy enough to use when you’re first getting started, and yet powerful enough for seasoned marketers.

Both platforms have a library of professional B2B lead gen templates to work with, or you can import others from landing page marketplaces like ThemeForest.

Below are our Top 5 B2B Lead Gen landing pages we recommend for 2020.

Top 5 B2B Lead Gen Templates in 2020

1. xPider App Landing Page Template by maxgrids

B2B lead gen landing page

Price: $17

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: HTML and CSS

Best for Apps, Digital Products, Software, SaaS, Start-ups

Highlights: 14 landing pages, 26 Inner Essential Pages, Bootstrap 4 Framework, Mobile Responsive

Bottom Line: xPider is a fast-loading landing page template for all kinds of techie use cases.

2. All in one Multipurpose landing page template by surjithctly

B2B lead gen unbounce

Price: $21

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: Unbounce

Best for Real Estate, Travel, Consulting, Education, Law, Health, Beauty

Highlights: Includes web and mobile versions, easily integrates with Unbounce, email list builder, includes many sample pages.

Bottom Line:  All in one multipurpose landing page template is a fast, low-cost way to start building B2B lead gen pages in a variety of industries, especially if you are using Unbounce.

3. Fold – Software and App Template by YDirectionThemes

best b2b lead gen pages

Price: $14

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: HTML

Best for Startup, SaaS, Marketing Agency, Apps

Highlights: 3 demo variations included native MailChimp integration for list building, Mobile Responsive design.

Bottom Line:  Very minimal design built on Bootstrap 4 so it will be fast loading. Suitable for pages without a lot of copywriting.

4. ShiftKey – Software and Startup Premium Landing Page Template by DSAThemes

shiftkey b2b landing pages

Price: $15

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: HTML

Best for Mobile App, Software, Startup

Highlights: 15 pre-made websites, 20+ inner pages, Parallax effect, native MailChimp integration, SEO optimized, Responsive, and Retina ready.

Bottom Line:  ShiftKey contains everything you need to build your online empire, including icon library, mobile responsive ready, and 60+ page block elements.

5. LeadGen – Multipurpose Marketing Landing Page Pack with HTML Builder by themezaa

b2b lead gen landing page

Price: $18

Where to buy: Themeforest (link)

Landing Page Tool: HTML

Best for Hotel and Resort, Personal Resume, Restaurant, Corporate Business, Spa, Travel Agency, Education

Highlights: 34+ pre-made landing page demos, 300+ elements, HTML builder, SEO and mobile-optimized, over 1,900 sales, includes support and documentation

Bottom Line:  LeadGen is a top-selling B2B lead gen template for a variety of niches.  For the advanced marketer who knows what they want, this is a no-brainer.  Might be too many options for the beginner marketer, but a great investment nonetheless.